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    Selling a car is not always an easy task, especially if it is your first time. With so many things to consider such as how to price the car, how to prepare it for a sale and where to advertise, the entire process can become overwhelming. Following a few steps and learning a few tricks can help you sell your car quickly and efficiently.

    Gather the Necessary Information

    One of the first, and most important steps in the selling process is to gather up information that is relevant to the car. This includes not only the registration certificate, but any receipts showing proof of repairs that have been made to the car. Documents showing that you have had the car serviced is also helpful in showing buyers that the car was maintained properly.

    Determine the Condition

    The condition of a car has a huge impact on the price. For this reason, you should check the car over carefully and take note of any issues whether mechanical or cosmetic. If the issue is minor, but it could play a large role in the price, having it repaired can be very beneficial. Knowing the exact condition of the vehicle can give sellers a more realistic price point to start with.

    Research and Price

    After noting the condition, research the car. Look through various classified ads or auto selling websites in your area to determine the average asking price for the exact year, make and model of car you are selling. When pricing compared to other vehicles, take certain factors such as mileage into consideration. When setting a price, leave room for negotiation. Many buyers see the listed price as the beginning of a negotiation process. If the vehicle has extra features such as aftermarket parts or accessories, be sure to take that into consideration as well.

    Decide Where to List or Sell

    After setting the price, determine where to list or place the car for sale. Along with classified ad websites or prints, a seller can create flyers to hang up at local businesses. For the most exposure, many sellers also choose to place their car in a public location with a "for sale" sign in place. This is most effective when it is parked in areas with plenty of traffic. When doing this, it is necessary to leave basic contact information on the vehicle for potential buyers. Regardless of how the vehicle is advertised, include as many details as possible to draw in buyers.

    Prep the Car

    Before even meeting with potential buyers, prepare the car. This requires a thorough cleaning inside and out. A dirty or poorly maintained car can quickly turn buyers away. Along with a good cleaning, polish the wheels and ensure the tyres are properly inflated. Check all of the fluids and have the oil changed to eliminate any surprises during any test drives.

    Meet Potential Buyers

    When a person shows interest, set up an appointment time to allow them to look at the car. For safety, have another person present during the showing, or set up a meeting in a public place. When meeting a buyer, offer to let them test drive the car. Accompany them on the test drive so you can answer any questions they may have. Avoid being pushy when talking to the potential buyer, and remember to remain friendly. After the test drive, explain the terms of the sale. This is the time to let them know if a warranty is in place or if the sale is on an "as is" basis. Let the buyer begin the negotiations, but do not be afraid to refuse an offer if it is too low. If this occurs, thank them and inform them that they can contact you should they reconsider. If a reasonable offer is provided, do not refuse or you could lose the buyer.

    Finish the Deal

    Once the buyer agrees to the terms of the sale, let them know the payment methods you are willing to accept. If a check or cashier's check is their payment method of choice, accompany them to the bank to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of fraud. After payment is made, fill out and sign the application for transfer. This is on the back of the vehicle's registration certificate. There is also information on the certificate the buyer must complete. After filling out the necessary seller portions, give it to the buyer to complete the sale. Fill out a disposal of notice required and lodge it with a local Service SA service centre within two weeks as required by law. Failure to do this can result in the seller being charged with fines.

    Selling a car does not have to be a difficult process. Whether you want a quick sale, or to get the most out of your vehicle, keeping these steps in mind can ensure a positive selling experience. From pricing to advertising, knowing how to sell a car comes in handy.

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