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    Selling a car privately can be an overwhelming process. However, when you take the time to research and set a realistic goal, you will likely get a higher price for your car than you would if you traded it in, or sold it to a dealership. By following a few steps, and keeping some basic tips in mind, you can sell your vehicle easily and quickly.

    Make a List

    The first thing you need to do is to make a list. The list should contain all of the things you need to do before you list your car for sale. This list ensures nothing is forgotten and that you have a guideline to follow should you become overwhelmed during the process. You can personalise the list to meet your exact needs.

    Gather Necessary Documents

    After making a list, gather all of the documents that are relevant to the car. This should include the registration certificate, as this is required to finalise a sale. You should also gather any receipts for repairs made to the vehicle within the last few years. Maintenance receipts can also be included. These show the buyer that you have properly maintained the vehicle and taken care of any issues.

    Evaluate the Car's Condition

    The condition of the vehicle plays a large role in where your starting price point should be. Inspect the vehicle carefully, inside and out. Make notes of any mechanical or cosmetic issues, regardless of how minor. If you find some minor issues that you worry will greatly affect the price, determine if repairing them will be beneficial. When you know the exact condition, this eliminates any surprises when potential buyers inspect the car.

    Do Some Research

    Even if you have an idea of where you want to start the price of the car at, take some time to research the going rate of similar vehicles. Browse through classified ads in your area, or auto selling websites to compare prices for the exact vehicle you are selling. It is vital to factor in any issues when pricing the vehicle and this includes mileage. The same goes for any aftermarket parts or special features that your car may have. When setting your price, start a little higher than what you expect to get for the vehicle. This leaves room for negotiations with the buyer as it is common for them to try and bargain.

    Ready the Car

    Before even setting a meeting with a potential buyer, the car needs to be cleaned and prepped. This requires cleaning both the interior and exterior. A poorly maintained car can turn buyers away. When washing the car, take a few minutes to clean and polish the wheels, vacuum the interior and wash the undercarriage. This is also a good time to check the fluids. Taking these steps shows the buyer that you have maintained the vehicle.

    Create Your Ad

    The way you word your ad and the information you include goes a long way in catching the interest of buyers. Be specific when listing the information relating to the car. This not only includes year, make and model, but the mileage and overall condition. List any unique information that can capture attention. For example, if your car has a sunroof, list this as it is a main selling feature. If major repairs have been made, include this information. Last, but not least, add quality photos of the interior and exterior. The photos should be clear and crisp. If you list dark photos, it can lead viewers to believe you are trying to hide something.

    Talk to Buyers

    After listing your vehicle, be available to talk to potential buyers. When a person shows interest, set up an appointment to talk to them and let them see the car. Have someone available to accompany you, if you are uncomfortable with showing the car alone. Offer to let the potential buyer test drive it, but go along with them on the ride to answer any questions they may have. Remain friendly and avoid being pushy, even if they do not show much interest. While talking to potential buyers, outline the terms of the sale. Let them know up front if the car is being sold "as is" or if there is a warranty offered. Let the buyer begin the negotiations, but do not accept an offer that is too low.

    Finalise the Sale

    Once a buyer agrees to the terms of the sale, let them know the payment methods you are willing to accept. After the buyer makes the payment, fill out the required paperwork. This includes filling out and adding your signature to the application of transfer found on the vehicle's registration certificate. After completing the sale, file a disposal of notice as required by law within two weeks to avoid fines.

    Selling a vehicle to a private buyer can be rewarding and help you get the highest price possible. The process is simple when you follow specific steps and remember to stay calm and confident throughout the selling process.

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