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    Unless you are trading in a vehicle for another one at a car dealership, selling a car on your own can be a difficult task. While it is possible to post ads for the vehicle in a local newspaper or other publications, cars do not often sell successfully in that manner. It is a better idea to sell your car personally through a reputable website such as Gumtree. The website has many visitors and selling your car this way will get it seen by as many potential buyers as possible. However, when selling a car online through Gumtree or any other website, there is a number of processes to consider so as to get the best deal possible.

    Tips for Selling a Car or Truck Online

    Anybody can post an ad online for something they are selling, such as a car. Successful ads follow a pattern that allows the ad to be seen by more potential buyers and help the seller obtain the sales price they seek. The first step is to research the marketplace. Except for vehicles that are special, such as older rare vehicles or ones that had limited production runs, there will likely be many similar vehicles for sale to the one you are selling. Researching the marketplace ensures that you are selling the vehicle for a reasonable price and shows you the ideal terms to use when describing your vehicle. The next step is to make sure to include many different photos of your vehicle. These should be in colour, extremely sharp in focus and cover the vehicle from many different angles, both inside and outside the vehicle, including under the bonnet. If there are issues such as rust spots or holes in the upholstery, make sure to include these as they can be a source of contention if not disclosed prior to selling the car or truck.

    When listing your vehicle on Gumtree, use the header to your advantage. Include words and phrases that will draw potential buyers into your ad, but be truthful. These terms may include "low kilometres," "leather seats" and "brand name stereo system." Similar to the header, a description that is vivid and full of details will also help sell your car. Do not focus on items that every car has, such as air conditioning or power steering. List items that are more unique and that potential buyers may be seeking. Finally, make sure to be available to answer any questions that potential buyers may have. There may be something that you omitted from the listing that a potential buyer may have questions about. Being forthright with those looking at your ad will also help the sale go smoother.

    Follow Gumtree's Guidelines

    When selling a car or truck on Gumtree, keep in mind that there are certain guidelines that all sellers, not just vehicle sellers, must follow in order to place an item up for sale. For example, it is necessary to choose the proper category in which you fall to sell the car, which is as a private seller (the other option is commercial seller, which is for dealerships and other large-sale sellers). Gumtree also states that it is the seller's responsibility to make sure that the sale of the car or truck to another individual does not violate any applicable laws. In addition, Gumtree requires sellers to abide by both the Gumtree Posting Policies and Terms of Use, which also dictate that the sale does not violate any laws.

    In addition, any violations of the General Gumtree Posting Policies will result in the ad being pulled by Gumtree. Some of the rules to adhere to include not requiring shipping costs, as sales should be conducted in person; not writing ads in any language other than English, although foreign translations are allowed; not posting ads for items for sale outside of South Africa; not using inappropriate language or photos; not using discriminatory language or images; not posting ads that are duplicates of other ads already on the website; and not posting ads that do not include enough descriptive terms of the item for sale or that are listed under an incorrect category.

    How to Actually Post an Ad on Gumtree

    Posting an advertisement to sell a car or other item is a multi-step process. The first step is to click on the "Post FREE Ad" link in the upper-right corner of Gumtree's homepage. Then, select the location from which you will be selling the vehicle. Select the proper category - Automotive Vehicles - and the correct sub-category, which is Cars & Bakkies. Then, fill out all of the specific information related to the car or truck you are selling, such as make, model, year, odometer reading, transmission type, colour of the vehicle, body type, fuel type and your headline or title under which your ad will appear. If you wish to sell the car quickly, click the box next to the word "URGENT," which lets potential buyers know you wish to sell the vehicle as soon as you can.

    The next step is to add a description of the car or truck you are selling. The more descriptive and complete the details are here, the more likely you are to sell the vehicle. If you have a personal website where you have the vehicle posted, you can add a link to that site below the description. Then, add photos of the vehicle. Then, list your selling price. Enter all of your contact information below the selling price, then consider if you wish to promote the ad with some of the tools available from Gumtree. These include highlighting the ad, placing the ad at or near the top of your specific category and even having the ad placed on the Gumtree homepage. All of the "Promote My Ad" tools are available at an additional cost. After verifying that all of your information with your ad is correct, the final step is to click on the orange "Post" button. Once you receive a confirmation via email from Gumtree, the ad is live on the website for potential buyers to peruse.

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