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    Selling a car can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you are looking for a quick sale. From gathering paperwork to getting the car ready for a test drive, there are steps you can take to draw in potential buyers. While some steps in the process may seem more time consuming than you might like, following them can speed up the process significantly.

    Make a List

    Before doing anything else, make a list of things you need to do. The list can be personalised to meet your needs, but make sure to include the paperwork and other items that need gathered up, what needs done to ready the car and what you need to include in your ad. Include minor items as well as major ones so you do not forget anything. Cross things off the list as you go to make things easier.

    Get Paperwork Together

    Eliminate time wasted scrambling to gather paperwork related to the car once a buyer is interested. Place the certificate of registration, all repair receipts and maintenance documents together in an envelope. When you meet a potential buyer, you can provide proof that the vehicle has been taken care of as it should.

    Create a Catchy Ad

    Create an ad that will catch the attention of buyers. You want to draw them in and leave them interested in the vehicle. Besides listing the basic information about the car such as year, make and model, list any unique features. For example, if the vehicle has a top-of-the-line surround system, use this to make the car sound more appealing. List any repairs that have been made recently and if you have had a roadworthy test done, include this information and offer to show proof.

    Include Pictures

    Having quality pictures is vital, regardless of what you are selling. Because of this, it is important to take clear, crisp photographs of the vehicle. Use a good camera and make sure you have sufficient light. Posting dark or blurry photographs can scare people off or lead them to believe you are hiding blemishes. Post as many pictures as possible of the vehicle's interior and exterior. If possible, take a picture of the car's best features. For example, if the vehicle has a sunroof, be sure to capture this.

    Prepare the Car

    Before showing your car to buyers, clean it up. Take some time to give it a thorough wash, inside and out. Vacuum the interior, including the boot, and shine the wheels. Clean any tar or other build-up from the undercarriage. Wash the windows and place an air freshener inside. Check all fluids to ensure they are at the proper levels and have the oil changed if possible. Ensure the tyres have the proper amount of pressure and are not too worn. Check all of the lights to make sure they are working properly. Unless the car is extremely low priced, a buyer may not be interested if they know they will have to put money into it right away.

    Price the Car

    Getting the most out of a vehicle and selling it quickly do not always work together. Typically, in order for a car to sell right away, buyers must feel as if they are getting a good deal. When pricing the car, compare the exact make and model with others in the area. You can check classified ads and car selling websites. Consider mileage, any damage and extra features as all of these affect price. Price your car slightly lower than comparable ones to draw people in. If possible, price it a little higher than what you are willing to accept so that the buyer feels like they are getting an even better bargain if they negotiate a lower price.

    Be Available

    After listing your car for sale, make sure you are available. If people are unable to get a hold of you, they may get discouraged and move on. Offer more than one way to contact you, such as email and phone, or calls and text. When providing contact information, include your name to appear more personable.

    Meet Buyers

    When arranging a meeting with a buyer, set it up to take place in public. This puts the buyer at ease. Make sure the meeting does not take place after dark. as the buyer will not be able to check the car over as thoroughly as they might like. Even though you want to sell quickly, do not pressure someone if they seem interested. This car salesperson tactic can throw potential buyers off. Be friendly and courteous. Stay honest, even when talking about the negative aspects of the vehicle, if any exist. Answer any questions and offer to let the person test drive the car. Ride along with them to help them feel even more at ease. Let them start the negotiation process and do not refuse a decent offer. You should also state the terms of the sale. For example, if the car is being sold "as is," let the buyer know. If a warranty is provided, outline the terms of it. If someone offers too low of an offer, thank them and refuse. Let them know they are free to contact you if they change their mind.

    Finish the Deal

    If the buyer is interested and meets all of your terms, seal the deal. Provide them with the application of transfer on the back of the registration certificate after filling in the necessary information.

    Selling a car quickly is possible when you put some effort into the process. Following a few steps can help you capture the attention of potential buyers and keep them interested.

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