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    When you decide to sell your vehicle, you may wonder how long it will take. This may be a very important factor if you are using the profit towards another car or just need to reduce your debts. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine exactly how long it takes to sell a vehicle, but you can take some steps to help the process go smoothly. Setting the price, creating an effective ad, making the car presentable and making buyers feel at ease all factor into the process. Each vehicle and transaction is different, so it is important not to become discouraged if your vehicle does not sell right away.

    The Type of Car

    Highly desirable cars sell more quickly than those that are unpopular. The same is true if the vehicle has high mileage - it may not sell quickly. If the car is older, in poor condition or is a model that does not sell quickly overall, less people tend to show interest unless it is price accordingly.

    The Price

    Price has a large impact on how quickly a car sells. If you want to get the most out of your car, set realistic expectations when it comes to a timeline. A higher-priced car may sit for longer until the right buyer comes along, so do not expect a fast sell if you are not willing to negotiate the price. If you want a quick sale, put some research into the pricing process. Look at classified ads and car selling websites in your area to compare your vehicle. Determine a price point and start your price a little under the average. When potential buyers browse through vehicles for sale, ones with low price-points will often grab their attention. This is especially true if they are comparing multiple vehicles to decide which one works best for them.

    The Ad

    How you advertise your car also determines how quickly it sells. A boring, poorly put together ad might deter potential buyers. Make sure your ad is catchy and contains information that buyers need to know. Be sure to list any features that set your car apart from the rest. Getting the buyer interested is the first step in selling your car, so spend some time putting the ad together. List any flaws on the car as well so you do not waste your time or the buyer's. If you are willing to make a deal with a buyer, let it be known that you are willing to negotiate. Provide several ways to contact you and make sure you are available. It is impossible to sell a car if people cannot reach you. When creating the ad, include quality pictures. Adding as many as possible lets people get an idea of what the vehicle looks like. Avoid dark or blurry pictures.


    It is impossible to change some things on a car, such as the year or the mileage. There are things you can do to make the car more appealing, however. Clean it up. Spend some time attending to the interior and exterior. Clean the carpet, polish the wheels and cover any minor scratches. If the car needs minor repairs that are inexpensive, consider getting those fixed. Have the oil changed, the tyres rotated and all of the fluids checked. Keep receipts to show potential buyers that the car has been well-maintained.

    Meeting with Buyers

    If you come off as pushy when you meet with buyers, it can scare them off. Stay friendly, let them ask as many questions as they need to and answer honestly. Let them know the good and the bad about the vehicle. Offer to let them test drive the car. Show them you are knowledgable about the vehicle. Accompany them on the test drive and continue answering any questions they have. Offer to show maintenance or service receipts or any other documentation related to the car. Let them start the negotiation process and if their offer is too low, stay friendly. They may reconsider later.

    Spread the Word and Stay Flexible

    Let people know you have your vehicle up for sale and have created an ad. Encourage people to look at your ad to see if they are interested. Stay as flexible as possible when it comes to meeting with potential buyers. If you come off as difficult or unwilling to make arrangements to meet, they may feel as if you are not really interested in selling.

    Rethink Your Ad

    If you have not received any interest in the vehicle within the first week or so, think about what you may have done wrong and what you can change. Go over your ad and edit it as needed. Think about your price and determine if you need to lower it.

    Selling a car can take hours, or it can take several months. How quickly a sale happens depends on many different things, such as the car itself and the price. Spending a little bit of time creating an effective ad and cleaning the car can go a long way in helping a sale go quickly and efficiently.

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