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    Car manufacturers often offer Certified Used Car programmes, allowing wary car shoppers to buy a used vehicle while also having some confidence that the car operates up to a certain standard. Buying a used car is often a difficult process, and Certified Used Car programmes are designed to give the buyer some confidence in his or her purchase. Cars sold through these programmes have been previously owned, but they have also been inspected and, in some cases, repaired by the manufacturer's trained and approved mechanics.

    Why Choose a Certified Used Car?

    These programmes are a good idea because they remove the sense of uncertainty that often hangs over the process of buying a used car. Certified Used Car programmes often include a variety of guarantees, and they can include a multi-year manufacturer's warranty. In this way, opting for a Certified Used Car offers many of the same comforts and protections as purchasing a brand new car. But because used cars typically cost much less than brand-new models, it allows shoppers to get a good deal on a car without taking a risk with respect to quality.

    Features of a Certified Used Car Programme

    Each manufacturer's Certified Used Car programme is different. For example, South Africa's Chevrolet dealers may offer Certified Used cars through their programme, the G2 Certified Used Car Programme. This programme is designed to offer a quality car with verified safety features at an affordable price point. Features of this programme include mileage verification, which helps customers know that the car they are buying is actually as new as it claims to be. Chevrolet's mechanics perform a thorough inspection of more than 110 points on the car to make sure it is functioning properly. Customers can also opt to sign up for a roadside assistance programme. These are the kinds of features that are often offered in Certified Used Car Programmes that used cars sold outside such a programme typically do not offer.

    Shopping for a Certified Used Car

    Typically, only auto manufacturers offer Certified Used Car programmes. The cars they sell are typically limited to those within the manufacturer's brands. For example, the luxury sports car manufacturer Ferrari offers a Certified Used Car programme, so shoppers who are interested in owning a used Ferrari may need to contact that company directly in order to get a true Certified Used Car.

    Benefits of a Certified Used Car Programme

    There are a few different benefits to opting for a Certified Used Car rather than just buying a used car from a dealership or individual. While there are many obvious benefits to purchasing a Certified Used Car, there are some less obvious benefits as well that some shoppers may not notice until they are actually looking at cars and considering a purchase. These benefits extend beyond the features of the programme itself.

    Brand Loyalty

    Some people have certain car manufacturer brands that they know and trust. If this brand has a Certified Used Car programme, brand-loyal customers can stick with what they know. While used car sellers do not always specialise in a certain brand, Certified Used Car programmes are brand-focused. You will not see a Honda for sale as part of Chevrolet's Certified Used Car programme, for example.


    Car companies that have these programmes often offer a wide variety of models to choose from and may even have a variety of different colours of the same year and model of used car available on the same lot. Used car shoppers often put considerations such as colour or luxury features aside, but a Certified Used Car programme may enable a bit more consideration to these nice but not strictly necessary features. In this way, Certified Used Car programmes often function similarly to the way a car dealership works for a brand-new car. There is always a chance that shoppers with specific desires will need to compromise, but the process of finding the exact right car isn't quite as difficult as it is with traditional used car shopping.


    Car companies with Certified Used Car programmes typically offer these used cars at the same dealerships that sell brand-new models. This means that shoppers can compare and contrast between a used model and a brand-new option. Pre-owned vehicles are a practical choice in many ways, but sometimes a newer car may have more features or mechanical updates that are desirable to the shopper. Rather than having to visit multiple locations, shoppers deciding between a new and certified pre-owned car can do all their test-driving in one place.


    Many used car transactions require an up-front payment in full. This can make the process of buying a used car quite difficult for individuals who don't have a lot of liquid cash on hand. Many Certified used Car programmes offer some sort of financing through the same financial systems they use for financing the purchase of a new car. That means that shoppers can opt for a more expensive car than they are able to afford out of pocket.

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