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    Whether you are a car buyer shopping for a used automobile that has more space or you are a buyer who wants a space-saving ride, you can get a good deal on any of these types of vehicles if you know which tactics to use. It is impossible for you to control external factors that are out of your control, such as the fuel economy, that may impact the value of certain vehicles. Nevertheless, you can always employ time-tested methods to haggle for a used car in order to walk away from the lot with a bargain.

    Know the Car's Worth

    Find out the approximate price range of the type of used car you desire before you start shopping. This knowledge is important so that you can negotiate intelligently and not agree to a price that is higher than what buyers typically pay for the same make and model. Use a reputable pricing book to help you find this price data; the guide will also come in handy when negotiating since you definitely want to let the seller know you have consulted this professional car buying guide.

    After You Have Decided on a Car

    Once you find the specific vehicle that interests you and meet with the seller to discuss costs, then allow the seller to name the price first. Do not say what you are willing to pay before the seller has done so; otherwise, you risk paying more than what the seller's asking price would have been. After hearing from the seller, state your price but make your offer low. A low opening price allows you to have some wiggle room. When you state your price, become silent after that, and do not worry about it seeming awkward or your coming across as impolite. Just allow the so-called pregnant pause to emerge. This pause is actually an opportunity for the seller to feel the pressure of the situation and to either accept your offer or make an attractive counter offer.

    If the seller says your offer must be presented to the manager for approval, in the case of a dealership, then do not remain seated in the sales cubicle but get up and walk around. Perhaps look at other cars in the fleet. The reason is that you want to show the seller you are a tad unpredictable and are not someone who can be easily controlled. This behaviour may cause the seller to give in to what you are asking. If the seller does not consent, but instead counters with a higher price, then bump up your asking price in small increments, for example, by R6 062, until you reach a price that you are happy with. If the seller talks about losing money by agreeing to your offer, then do not let that sway you. Just keep in mind your own budget. The seller may also try to get you to purchase add-ons in exchange for your lower price; decline these additional features if they are not what you want. However, do not be shy about asking for extras such as floor mats or a better sound system to be included for free if you agree to slightly increase your offer.

    Another tactic to use is to bring along a friend. This person will play the part of someone who is hard to please and will therefore question everything about the vehicle for sale, especially its price. The goal is to get the seller to think about some of the issues the naysayer is raising and to realise that you are definitely not guaranteed to buy the vehicle in question. This uncertainly may cause the seller to work harder at gaining your business and accepting your offer.

    At every stage of the experience, do not ever be afraid to simply walk away from the deal altogether.

    Shop Around

    Do not settle on one seller. Visit other dealerships or private owners to compare costs before making a final decision and it is fine to make it known to each one that this is what you are doing. Having multiple pricing perspectives can help you negotiate smarter since you have tangible numbers you can use to negotiate for a lower price. It can also prevent you from falling in love with just one vehicle and therefore being more hesitant to negotiate and easier to persuade.

    With the right strategies, you can get the best used car deal. By preparing yourself, you can present yourself as a knowledgeable and competent buyer who does not intend to be pressured by a salesperson. Before you start visiting dealerships, used car lots and private owners' homes looking for a used car, have a make and model in mind, and know how much it is worth. Get an estimate from a professional car buying guide. Choose a thoughtful, low opening price to offer and do not stick to just one seller: Visit multiple sellers. Be willing to walk away from a deal at any time.

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