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Get promoted in your job by following these simple steps

While having a job and getting paid is nice, there is always a yearning to improve and do better. In a work environment, this is called getting a promotion. Not only does it mean an increase in day-to-day responsibilities, but also more money.

Maybe you've seen or heard of some people being promoted after a couple of months. The keyword to getting a promotion is continuous hard work that makes your boss and company look good at the end of the day.

In a nutshell, in order to land a promotion, you need to do more than just excel at your current job, have the right skills, say the right things to the right people, and demonstrate your ability to lead.

A promotion is a decision that your company has to make, but there are ways to ensure your best foot is put forward when the time eventually comes.

Gumtree lists a couple of top tips to set you on your way to getting promoted in your current job:

Build relationships

Promotions aren't just as straight cut as the CEO signing picking you out from the lot. It also requires the approval of all (or the majority) managers in the company. The best way to 'get them on your side' is to build excellent working relationships and always be willing to do what is required to get the job done for the better of the company.

Show leadership potential

Going for a promotion means the job you are after requires managerial or supervisory characteristics. As the saying goes, first impressions last, and showing people in the company you can make important decisions portrays you as competent and responsible. A working example is a content producer who is too good at compiling stories and is better suited for editorial responsibilities.

Identify and learn the skillset

If you're gunning for a specific position at your current company and a particular skill is required, start learning (by taking an online course) and get a gist. Start tackling more substantial responsibility, show your worth and push yourself to improve continually. Doing what is required of you is not enough - go beyond what is needed.


In addition to doing your daily responsibilities, find ways in which you can (positively) affect other departments in the company. Depending on your industry, this can involve anything from brainstorming ideas to suggesting improvements/solutions or simply planning ahead. There is always room to grow in a business, and your exemplary work can even give rise to a brand-new position or department opening.

Be good (indispensable) at your job

Make yourself as 'sorely missed' as possible. No one should be as good at their job as you are because no one can do what you do. Also, if your name always comes up in meetings, the higher-ups will start to take note of your contribution to the company or department. To be promoted, you must prove that you'd be good at a more prominent role in the company.

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