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    HP 45A Generic Black Cartridge
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    This ad is no longer active.
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    HP 45A Generic Black Cartridge

    R 119
    Posted 2 years ago
    • FOR SALE BY dealer

    Black cartridge compatible with HP printers. Good quality generic ink cartridge that fits a wide range of Hewlett Packard printers.

    Compatible Printer Models:

    Color Copier 110

    Color Copier 120

    Color Copier 140

    Color Copier 145

    Color Copier 150

    Color Copier 155

    Color Copier 160

    Color Copier 170

    Color Copier 180

    Color Copier 190

    Color Copier 210

    Color Copier 210Lx

    Color Copier 260

    Color Copier 270

    Color Copier 280

    Color Copier 290

    DesignJet 700

    DesignJet 750C Plus

    DesignJet 750CM

    DeskJet 1000

    DeskJet 1000CSE

    DeskJet 1000CXI

    DeskJet 1100

    DeskJet 1100C

    DeskJet 1120C

    DeskJet 1120CSE

    DeskJet 1120CXI

    DeskJet 1220C

    DeskJet 1220C-PS

    DeskJet 1220CSE

    DeskJet 1220CXI

    DeskJet 1600

    DeskJet 1600C

    DeskJet 1600CM

    DeskJet 1600CN

    DeskJet 6122

    DeskJet 6127

    DeskJet 700

    DeskJet 710

    DeskJet 710C

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