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    Mental Health & Addictions Care
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    Mental Health & Addictions Care

    Posted 2 years ago

    Do you need an Addictions or Mental Health Care Giver from time-to-time (short/long term) for yourself, a loved one or someone in your institution? What I offer is ideal for people who was just discharged from a rehab centre or mental health hospital.

    I have worked in inpatient facilities, a secondary residential care facility and privately cared for individuals with mental disorders or in recovery from various addictions, helping them back on their feet. I'm very familiar with suicide prevention & intervention, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, asthma, schizophrenia, psychosis, Alzheimer's & other chronic conditions.

    I have a rock solid faith & hope, & clear boundaries &put up with no abuse or intimidation. I KNOW WHEN TO BE TOUGH AND WHEN TO BE TENDER.

    I work with your team very closely. I liaise with the medical team and the family. Monitor intake of medication. Schedule daily activities. Monitor & report back to you the client as required.

    I'm a professionally qualified Social Worker. I practice as a Counsellor and Life Coach, with my own business - thus my hours and movements are flexible. Testimonials and contactable referrals available on request.

    Contact me NOW to discuss your needs and meet for a quote.


    Peter Guess

    B.Social Sciences (Social Work)

    Intuitive Transformation Coach

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