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    Abusive / Cheating Partner or Relationship Problems?
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    Abusive / Cheating Partner or Relationship Problems?

    Posted 2 years ago

    Does the following points sound familiar to you?

    · Your relationship leaves you feeling drained instead of invigorated.

    · Your partner is keeping score to see how often you have screwed up in the past and is using this against you in each and every argument.

    · Your partner is hostile a lot of the time. (Angry, agitated, etc). You’re for ever walking on eggs around your partner in order not to rock the boat.

    · Your partner keeps putting you down, telling you you can’t do anything right.

    · Your partner calls you rude names.

    · Your partner will say “I love you” but his/her actions says the exact opposite.

    · You cannot be yourself when you are with your partner.

    · Your partner is always making you feel guilty.

    · Your partner is emotionally abusing you.

    · Your partner is being selfish all the time. The relationship is centered around your partner and your partner’s needs and your needs seems to be unimportant.

    · Poor / lack of communication

    · Jealousy

    · Insecurity

    · Money

    · Priorities

    · Lack of responsibility

    · Sexual issues

    · Lack of support

    · Spending too much time online or watch TV

    · "You have changed".

    · Unsupportive / absent partner

    · ... everything you says turns in to an argument?

    For your own sake, it is best to learn how to deal with this relationship, so that you can heal and become the best version of YOU again. You DESERVE to be HAPPY.

    Allow me to guide you on your journey to wellness.

    Bookings for February 2015 are now open.

    Offices in Claremont and Lakeside

    Call / WhatsApp / SMS - to book / more info (Please be specific that it is for booking / info regarding relationship counselling)

    (Office hours - 08h00 - 20h00)

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