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    Lotus Seed (Rare Sacred Lotus India's National Flower)
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    Lotus Seed (Rare Sacred Lotus India's National Flower)

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    Posted 3 years ago
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    Species informationScientific name: Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.Common name(s): sacred lotus, Indian lotusConservation status: Not yet evaluated against IUCNcriteria.Habitat: Warm-temperate to tropical climates, in a range of shallow (up to about 2.5 m deep) wetland habitats, including floodplains, ponds, lakes, pools, lagoons, marshes, swamps and the backwaters of reservoirs.Known hazards: None known, although Nelumbo nuciferacontains some alkaloids, such as nuciferine, aporphine and armepavine.TaxonomyClass: EquisetopsidaSubclass: MagnoliidaeSuperorder: ProteanaeOrder: ProtealesFamily: NelumbonaceaeGenus: NelumboAbout this speciesAn aquatic perennial with large showy flowers, the sacred lotus has long been considered a close relative of water lilies. However, lotus flowers differ markedly from those of water lilies, most notably through the obconical (ice-cream cone-shaped) receptacle in the centre, into which numerous free carpels are sunken. Recent molecular research has shown that the closest living relatives of the sacred lotus are the plane trees (Platanus spp., Platanaceae) and members of the protea family (Proteaceae). Their isolated phylogenetic position indicates that both Nelumboand Platanus may be living fossils (the only survivors of an ancient and formerly much more diverse group).

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