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    Divorce & Family Mediation (non legal)
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    Divorce & Family Mediation (non legal)

    Posted 2 years ago


    At SADSA we are always looking for ways to support and assist people with one of the most life changing event there is: The ending of your relationship.

    Because such an event is fuelled with high and multiple emotions, we know that managing those emotions should come as a priority while addressing the delicate process of dissolving the legal aspects of the relationship.

    We will assist you to explain your anger instead of expressing it, immediately opening doors for solutions instead of arguments.

    Mediation Process:

    A Divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body typically with an undesirable effect.

    The end of a relationship is however much more than this.

    Whether your relationship was short or long, there is so much more than a legal dissolution which needs to be considered.

    Before you can consider the full impact of the “breakup” you need to acknowledge the “loss” of:

    · Companion

    · Friend

    · Confident

    · Parenting partner

    · Wage earner

    · Sex partner

    · Dream of living happily ever after

    · Mutual friend

    · An extended family

    · Feeling of being safe

    With Mediation @ SADSA we offer a 5 step package which will get you on the right track to ending your relationship organically and holistically.

    • Mediation meeting 1:

    This meeting is informal.

    We will meet with both parties and allow you to freely express your concerns and challenges.

    • Mediation meeting 2:

    This meeting will take place with only one party who will get uninterrupted attention from the mediation session.

    This session will address:

    · Your needs

    · Your fears

    · what is urgent

    · what is important

    • Mediation meeting 3:

    Same meeting as meeting 2 but with the other party.

    • Mediation meeting 4 & 5:

    These 2 meetings will address the mediation and conclude the mediation plan.

    5 Consultations, 1 fixed price. Contact us for more info.

    Should more sessions be needed, an hourly fee will apply.


    @ SADSA we like to remind Parents that "The Law doesn't raise children, parents do! And that children are not there to fit into your life, you are there to fit into theirs and we truly focus on what parents want that is best for their children and to give permission to your children to feel safe.

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