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    Deurgrawing en graveerder, afsny, Laser Gi6040 CNC Machine, 60W system, German Design
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    This ad is no longer active.

    Deurgrawing en graveerder, afsny, Laser Gi6040 CNC Machine, 60W system, German Design

    R 74,999
    Posted 2 years ago
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    Gi 6040 laser engraving machine

    Product description: Prices Vary Subject to Fitting, Fixtures & Features!!!!

    Gi6040 laser engraving and cutting machine is a simple and useful laser processing equipment, which has been specially developed for advertising, gift packaging and other relevant industries. The equipment inherits the characteristics of both former high-speed laser engraving machine and high-speed laser cutting machine. The equipment adopts with the imported linear rails, which makes the machine more stable. Its drawer is mor convenient for the collection and disposal of waste. Machine can be installed a up and down platform, making the processing more convenient. This equipment can be used to engrave or cut alone on the surface of various materials. and it can simultaneously conduct engraving and cutting. The equipment with high operating speed is easy to use, low cost, reliable engraving effects and burr-free cutting edges.Thus,the grinding is not necessary to handle again and the cutting waste is little.Besides,the engraving depth can be easily adjusted with high precision.

    Applicable Industries

    Suitable for industries such as billboards,artistic gifts,crystal ornaments,paper cut engraving,bamboo embossment,printing,garments and leather industries, embroidery,interior decoration and photo frame Making,ect.

    Applicable Materials

    Non-metal materials such as double-color sheets,acrylic,glass,wood planks,paper,leather,rubber,marble,granite and tiles,etc.

    Technical parameter



    Laser power


    Laser type.

    Sealed CO2 laser tube,water-cooling,10.6nm

    Cooling type

    Water cooling

    Engraving speed


    Cutting speed


    Laser output control

    1-100% software setting

    Smallest Character engraving

    2.0mm*2.0mm,Eliglish 1.0mm*1.0mm

    Highest Scanning presicion


    Locating precision


    Supported Graphic Format


    Compatible Software


    Color separation


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