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    Workplace Essentials Workshops - SECURE YOU PLACE
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    Workplace Essentials Workshops - SECURE YOU PLACE

    Posted 2 years ago

    Workplace Essential Skills (WES) training is aimed at helping adults who are employed or seeking employment and require additional essential skills to succeed. It is also available to employers who are experiencing skilled labour shortages and in need of recruitment support. Learning activities focus on the specific tasks associated with either an individual’s current job or desired occupation. Training is customized to respond to the specific needs of the work environment. These skills are used in nearly every job and throughout daily life in different ways and at varying levels of complexity. Book withExcell Solutions South Africa today and secure your space.

    Workplace essentials Workshops Offered by us:

    • Appreciative Inquiry
    • Business Acumen
    • Business Ethics
    • Business Etiquette
    • Change Management
    • Civility In The WorkPlace
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Customer Service
    • Delivery Construction Criticism
    • Developing Corporate Behavior
    • Handling a Difficult Customer
    • Risk Assessment and Management
    • Safety In The Workplace
    • Team Building For Managers
    • Teamwork And Team Building

    Who should attend these productive corporate Seminars?

    • Government & Private Employees
    • Civil Servants Leaders
    • Business Directors, Managers & Employees.
    • Entrepreneurs & Individuals
    • Local & International Delegates

    BENEFITS: By the end of the Workshops you will have acquired the fundamental skills which will enable you to conduct business in an efficient, professional & productive manner

    • Visit our website at:
    • Address: 151 Commissioner Str, Opp FNB Bank, Carlton Centre'
    • Floor No: 6, Suite 607 Klamson Towers, Johannesburg.
    • Phone us today on: Tell (011) 042-6247 Cell: (083) 503-5559
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