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    Catalytic Converter (CAT) Removal
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    Catalytic Converter (CAT) Removal

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    Posted 2 years ago
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    Catalytic Converter (CAT) Removal

    Catalytic Converters(CAT) were designed to control vehicle emissions. Catalytic Converters will convert toxic pollutants to less toxic pollutants by catalysing a redox reaction.
    Unfortunately Catalytic Converters does not last indefinitely. These converters will eventually become blocked and this will normally cause decrease in power as well as an increase in fuel consumption. Replacing them can cost a fortune.
    Some Catalytic Converters can cost as much as R70000.00 to replace.

    We can remove the Catalytic Converter at a fraction of the price. Normally the removal of a CAT will increase power and decrease fuel consumption. On some vehicles, when you remove the CAT physically, will eventually cause an engine malfunction and will cause the vehicle to go in safety mode or also known as limp mode. We can cure the mentioned problem on most vehicles, by removing the CAT function from the software of the engine control unit (ECU).
    This means the ECU will no longer recognise the Catalytic Converter and the vehicle will no longer go in safety mode or limp mode.

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