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    X3 Motorguide 70lb / 24 volt trolling motors
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    X3 Motorguide 70lb / 24 volt trolling motors

    R 12,650
    Posted 2 years ago
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    All New Mount

    The X3 mounting bracket is built tough with aircraft-grade extruded aluminium to minimize flex and provide precision control under high-thrust.

    • Improved rigidity and durability
    • Easier to stow and deploy
    • Wider base for added stability
    • Stainless steel bushings in key wear points
    • Easy motor height adjustment and motor removal

    New Rugged Composite Shaft

    The new larger diameter shafts are rugged and corrosion resistant, paired with a durable stainless steel outer shaft. Special composite construction provides greater impact protection and is backed by a lifetime factory warranty.

    Precision Response Steering

    The X3 offers best-in-class steering performance. A dual cable pull-pull steering system eliminates slack, while the innovative patent-pending Variable Ratio Technology reduces torque steer feedback and improves responsiveness. A newly designed and reinforced foot pedal also provides better feel and control.

    Variable Ratio Technology

    • Improves steering response
    • Reduces torque steer feedback
    • Dual-cable system eliminates steering slop and noise
    • Precision bearings and locking collar eliminates shaft clicking

    •Durability means reliability - rigid aircraft-grade aluminum mount, stainless steel bushings and outer shaft, and composite shaft with a lifetime guarantee
    •Quiet on the water - fewer metal-to-metal interfaces, precision bearings, and new composite locking pins eliminate more noise and ensure noise-free operation over time
    •Precision steering - dual cable pull-pull system eliminates slack and provides the best-in-class steering performance

    Available in;

    45lb / 12 volt Shaft 45'
    55lb / 12 volt Shaft 45"
    70lb / 24 volt digital variable speed

    For video go to : http://www.motorguide.com/store/product/freshwater-use/x3

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