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Wood Chipper

If you have property with wood or brush to clear, a wood chipper can do double duty. You probably have landscape projects that need a little extra mulch. Purchasing a used wood chipper can help you accomplish both tasks at once. There are several types of wood chippers available. Understanding how they work can help you to choose the best one for your needs.

How Wood Chippers Work

A wood chipper or tree shredder uses an electric motor or internal engine to drive a gearbox and pulleys, or a v-belt. It has a hopper in which to feed the material. This mechanism pulls the material towards a set of blades that do the chopping. Many models have variable speeds and power settings. The type of blade and the size of the hopper determine the size of the material that it can take.

Types of Wood Chippers

A wood chipper and wood shredder are two different things. Wood shredders are similar to wood chippers, but they have an extra set of features to mash and break down organic pieces of material to make finer mulch. Shredders can create fine mulch. A chipper will make larger chips. Some run the material through a chipper and later finish it into fine mulch with a shredder. A shredder will not be able to handle the larger bulk material that a chipper can handle.

A drum chipper refers to a type of chipper with a rotating drum that draws the material through the blades. A disc chipper has a disc with cutting blades attached. These discs can be large, and are the best choice for larger industrial jobs. A screw-type chipper is shaped like a large screw that pulls the material through the cutting blades.

Owning a wood chipper is a great solution if you live in an area where you cannot put yard waste in the rubbish, or where you have no permission to burn. Purchasing a secondhand wood chipper is a cost-effective solution to this dilemma. When deciding on a used wood chipper, it is important to consider how often you will use it, where you will store it, and how big the average diameter of the branches will be.