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VW Beetle For Sale

Volkswagen (VW) manufactures vehicles with safety, variety, and versatility in mind. One of their more popular models is the VW Beetle, previously known as the Bug. Whether you're looking for a Classic, a Coupe, or a Custom style, the Beetle offers many options.

Classic Versus New VW Beetle

The engine of a classic VW Beetle is located in the rear of the vehicle as opposed to the front. This was the original design created after World War II when this vehicle was founded. Although many people love the look of the classic design, some shy away from the cramped feel of the older Beetle. The newer Beetle Coupe is more spacious, and even the two-door coupe offers a much roomier option than the classic. It is built on the same chassis as the VW Golf, measuring 409,2-centimetres long, 151,1-centimetres tall, and 172,5-centimetres wide.

New or Used Car

One of the first decisions to make in regards to a VW Beetle is whether to buy a new or used car. You are bound to find a VW Beetle of your liking in various regions within South Africa, no matter your location. If you decide to purchase a used Beetle, consider any replacement parts and repairs that may be necessary. You may want to research whether the parts are available to you in South Africa or if you will have to have them imported. Keep in mind that parts for a classic style may be harder to find than parts for a newer Beetle, since the parts for most older cars are no longer manufactured.

Where to Buy VW Beetles

Beetles can be found virtually anywhere, offering a great selection of different styles. In Gauteng, for instance, there are several being sold ranging from a 2001 VW Beetle Coupe to a 1978 VW Custom Shortened Beetle. Western Cape also offers a vast variety of VW Beetles for sale in many bright, vibrant colours.

Whether you are wanting an old-fashioned or a newly-designed Beetle, the variety that Volkswagen provides is bound to satisfy your desires. With the right amount of research, paired with the availability of the style you are searching for, a VW Beetle just might be in your future.