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Alert Filters: TV & DVD Equipment in South Africa
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Buying TV or DVD equipment can be frustrating because of the many different types and brands from which to choose. There are many different brands and models, all with their own unique features. Here are some of the types of TV &DVD equipment in South Africa for sale today.

Digital Light Processing

DLP stands for Digital Light Processing. This type of television processes light digitally with the aid of an optical semiconductor called a Digital Micromirror Device or DMD chip. It contains over 1 million microscopic mirrors that help to project an image onto the screen. Texas Instruments developed DLP technology for use in projectors in 1987. Today, it is one of the most popular technologies used for rear projection televisions. Some of these look like a conventional TV, but they are too big to hang on a wall. Others have a projector with a separate screen. Popular brands include Texas Instruments, Acer, LG, and Vivitek.

Liquid Crystal Display

Liquid Crystal Display or LCD TVs are popular because of their thin, lightweight construction. Many people use this type of TV as a computer monitor. Newer LCD televisions are sometimes called LED TVs because they use an LED backlight system. Older LCD TVs have florescent lights. The images produced by these televisions are almost as clear as with DLP TVs, but the price is much lower. Sony and LG are some of the most popular LCD TV makers.


Many large flat panel TVs are Plasma Display Panels or PDPs. They use small cells with charged ionised gases similar to the chambers in fluorescent lamps to render a clear picture with bright colours. However, the image loses clarity over time because the gases used in the TV cannot be refilled. The average plasma television still lasts about 15 years. Samsung and LG are some of the most popular manufacturers.

Most companies that make TVs, like LG and Samsung, also make DVD players. With most TVs, you can use the DVD player on your computer instead of buying a separate one. Just connect the TV to the computer with an HDMI cable. You can also play DVDs on game systems, like the PS3 or PS4. There are many new and used TV & DVD equipment for sale in South Africa today. Just use this information to help you find the best equipment for you and your family.