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Toyota Corolla Twincam

The Toyota Corolla Twincam engine has two camshafts. Since a camshaft controls the valves, a twin cam engine performs stronger than a single cam engine. Used Toyota Corolla Twincam automobiles can include a wide variety of features, depending on the exact model for sale. The condition of the vehicle's body and interior may be anywhere from excellent to well-worn. Some people purchase replacement parts for their Corolla to keep it running longer.


Different Toyota Corolla Twincam models have different features, so it is a good idea to be familiar with the options. For example, some people prefer leather over vinyl interior. Leather interior is often included with executive models and is considered classier.

When buying a secondhand Toyota Corolla Twincam, it is important to find out whether everything is working properly. You should see if it has electric windows or power locks. If the model has an air conditioning system, it is helpful to check that it is functional. Some Corollas have a stabiliser bar, which is the part of the suspension that reduces body roll during fast cornering.

Drive Train

Corollas have either manual or automatic transmissions, sometimes with power steering. The drive train can be either front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. When a vehicle has rear-wheel drive, the rear wheels move the vehicle and the front wheels provide steering. Rear-wheel drive is a benefit for passenger cars with higher engine outputs and vehicle weights. The engine, transmission, final drive gears, and differential in front-wheel drive vehicles are one single unit that drives the front wheels. Front wheel drive offers better fuel economy.


When buying a used Toyota Corolla Twincam, the condition is a big factor. Shoppers should check to see if the body is straight and neat. The car's interior condition can vary. People are typically most concerned with whether the vehicle is mechanically sound. One indication of a Corolla's condition is the number of kilometres it has been driven.

Replacement Parts

It is possible to find secondhand replacement parts for a Toyota Corolla Twincam. People often replace motors, engines, or the 5-speed gearbox. Another popular replacement part is a top or bottom hose. Twincams may come with upgraded parts, such as 43,18-centimetre chrome wheels.

All used Toyota Corollas are reliable, yet there are different styles. When you research the potential options in a secondhard Toyota Corolla Twincam, it is easier to make a decision.