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Teaching jobs

You can find teaching jobs in South Africa that meet your skill level and preferred subject area that pay from R15 000 to over R25 000 a month. However, unlike other jobs where you might not need a matric, a matric and college education is required to become a teacher. If you do have the right education, you can find teaching jobs that will give you not only a decent salary, but also a feeling of accomplishment when you see your students graduate. If teaching is a career you are considering, before you choose your college classes, make sure you understand what it takes to be a teacher. Thinking through all aspects can save you time and money if you decide later that it's not the right career for you.

Time Commitment

Most jobs have scheduled work hours followed by down time. Teachers do not have the same scenario. During the day, teachers work with students. After school hours, they prepare lessons, grade papers, and meet with parents. These things can turn a 7 to 8 hour day into a 10 to 12 hour day. If you aren't willing to devote time outside the classroom to your profession, teaching might not be the right career choice.


Teachers have a many expectations placed on their work. The schoolmaster has one set of expectations, the community has another, and parents have yet another. Then, there are guidelines to follow. This can be stressful. Teachers are asked to be the figurehead in a child's life for much of the day. This makes them the teacher, coach, disciplinarian, advisor, and more. Teachers must be prepared to face these challenges of expectations and realise they may not be able to meet them all.

Emotional Ties

It takes a strong person to be a teacher and not become too emotionally involved with students. It is okay to be concerned for your students; you spend half your day with them. On the other hand, you have to be able to separate your workday from your home life. Students tend to become attached to teachers, particularly young ones.

If you take all aspects of teaching into consideration and decide you still want to become a teacher, you can find teaching jobs all over South Africa. Take your time and choose the ones that are most appealing to you.