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Spray Booth

A spray booth is the name given to any enclosed booth area where painting, airbrushing, or tanning occurs. There are several types of spray booth with the most popular being for cars and tanning. Regardless of the type of painting you will do, you will still have basic requirements for the booth. Here are a few things to look for when you purchase, rent, or lease your next new or used spray booth.


The size of the spray booth you use will vary drastically depending on the type of painting you will do. For example, if you are using the spray booth for tanning, then a small enclosure will be perfect. However, if you are painting a car, then you will need a much larger enclosure. Make sure you know exactly what you need the booth for and if you plan to use it for multiple painting jobs. This will help determine the size of new or secondhand spray booth you need.

Spray Booth Materials

When you purchase or rent a spray booth, you need to consider the materials used for constructing the booth. If you are looking for a portable spray booth, then soft sided or collapsible side materials would be ideal. This could be a kind of tarp, fabric, or panelled option like the ones made by Duroair. If you are planning to make a spray booth a permanent addition to your business, you can choose from aluminium, wood, even brick materials.

Airflow and Air Pressure

The airflow and air pressure of a spray booth is vital to the type of spraying you plan on performing. Air will enter from the top of the unit, the side of the unit, or rear other unit and move through a filtering compartment. The airflow will depend on the design of the shop area. Once this is determined, you will need to determine the type of air pressure. You can choose negative pressure, which means the inside pressure is less than outside pressure with the other options being positive pressure which is the opposite pressure effect.

Once you have decided what kind of painting you will be doing choosing the size, materials, flow, and pressure will fall in place. The next step is to settle on design and put our spray booth to use.