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Snakes For Sale

Many people find snakes to be fascinating creatures and try to find snakes for sale to raise as pets. If you are looking to adopt a snake, you should make sure you understand what it takes to properly care for one, the various types of snakes for sale that make good pets, what to feed them, and other snake information. Snakes are not loving pets that your neighbours and friends are going to ""ooh"" and ""ahh"" over. They also live a long time - upwards of 20 years. You should take this into consideration before re-homing a snake that is for sale. If you cannot take care of it, who will? Consider some of the easier snakes to care for until you are more experienced.

Ball Pythons

The ball python is a good choice for someone new to owning snakes. It is a heavy-bodied snake that does not grow too large to handle. Adults are typically between 90 and 150 centimetres long, with females typically being larger than males. Ball pythons are not prone to biting and tend to be very docile. These snakes are very strong, though, and can easily escape an insecure cage. Although they are easy to care for, they may have periods when they will not eat. This is usually temporary, and they will resume regular feeding. Like most snakes, ball pythons eat small mice.

Milk Snakes

Many new snake owners want a snake that is attractive, and the milk snake is a popular choice. It has red, black, and yellow stripes that make it look similar to the coral snake, a very deadly snake. There are several sub-species of milk snake, such as the Pueblan and Honduran. Milk snakes are timid and do not typically bite. They often become tame when handled regularly. Feeding is the same as with other snakes - live mice purchased at a pet store.

Snakes do not require as much work as many other types of pets. In fact, most are typically left alone with the exception of feeding. Some snakes will become tame if they are handled, such as the milk snake. However, like any animal, they will always have natural snake instincts, such as squeezing prey if it is a python. This should be kept in mind when having children and other pets around the snake. Overall, many snakes for sale make good pets that require little attention.