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Sales & Telemarketing jobs

If you are good at talking to other people and swaying their opinion, you can find sales and telemarketing jobs in South Africa that put your skills to use. No matric is required for sales and telemarketing jobs unless you plan to advance to higher positions in management. A matrix may be necessary for sales and telemarketing jobs that are on a corporate level. Many people are not suitable for this type of work as it involves using the power of persuasion, often over the telephone, to sell products or services. If you think this might be the type of job you would like, consider all aspects before accepting the position. The income on these jobs is usually commission based and depends on the product being offered.

Basic Job Description of Telemarketers

Telemarketers all essentially do the same thing, sell products via the telephone. The products differ from one company to another but the premise is the same. Most companies have a large database of phone numbers that are purchased from other companies. This is considered cold calling since the phone numbers are not from people who have shown an interest in the product. The salesperson or telemarketer calls these numbers and uses a rehearsed script to offer a product or service. Some companies have a database of numbers that are from people who have shown an interest in the product or service at one time or another. Long distance telephone service and insurance are two examples of telemarketer sales.

Sales Descriptions

People in sales that are not using the telephone often go door-to-door or set up kiosks in malls and parking lots. These people have products on hand. This increases the chances of selling the product since it is visible and readily available. Many of these salespeople try to demonstrate their product in hopes of increasing the odds that you will buy it. Door-to-door sales are on the decrease as people are wary of letting strangers in their home. However, kiosks and booths at local fairs are huge venues.

Sales and telemarketing jobs can be lucrative for people who have the ability to smooth talk people and make the product sound amazing. These people tend to make good money. On the other hand, people who are shy or don't like to seem pushy don't tend to do as well in this type of business.

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