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RC Helicopter

Flying model helicopters has been a popular pastime amongst radio control enthusiasts for decades. These delicate model aircraft were once at the top end of the price range for radio control model aircrafts and were usually the domain of only the most experienced remote control pilots. The development of new technology, improvements in electric motors and the use of durable modern materials has seen the cost of these popular model aircraft fall significantly in recent years. At the same time, improvements in servo controls and gyroscopic stability has made the latest RC helicopters much easier, and more satisfying to fly.

RC Helicopter Features

The most important features to consider when choosing a new or used RC helicopter are the scale, the type of motor, the construction materials and the complexity of the remote control and gyroscopic technology. Very large scale model helicopters like the popular Airwolf 50 can be over 1 metre long and are not really suitable for beginners. Smaller RC helicopters like the E-Flite range, are powered by electric motors and are often too small to fly outside but make an excellent introduction to flying for beginners.

RC Helicopter Motors

RC Helicopters of the past were typically powered by model methanol powered motors and the larger models still use these familiar glow plug model engines. Improvements in brushless electric motors and the extended battery life of lithium polymer batteries has seen these lighter, more powerful motors being used, especially in smaller, more manoeuverable RC models.

Helicopter Construction

RC Helicopters use the latest durable and lightweight materials along with convenient modular design to create realistic model helicopters. Fibreglass canopies and carbon fibre rotor blades reduces damage in the event of a crash and the modular design makes replacing damaged parts a quick and easy task.

Gyroscopic Radio Controlled Flight

The inclusion of three axis gyroscopes, GPS location and up to six channel remote control systems, even mini RC helicopters are capable of very stable flight allowing beginners to fly them straight out of the box. Many radio control units also include a video display and feature software packages that integrate with computer systems to modify flight characteristics and download flight data.

There is a wide range of the most popular RC helicopters available in locations across South Africa. It is also possible to find very good deals on secondhand RC helicopters as well as all of the replacement parts that you might need to keep flying.