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Racing Pigeons

If you want to enter the One-Loft Race, you need to find racing pigeons, and the supplies needed for housing these birds. This Million Dollar Pigeon Race is the richest pigeon race in the world. Many people adopt racing pigeons simply to get involved in this race. Racing pigeons have more requirements than many people realise if you want to have winning pigeons. Many people don't realise this and rehome their racing pigeons because they don't have the time to devote to them. Before you buy your first pigeon, make sure you understand what is required.


The loft is where the pigeons live. If you are only going to enter one-loft races and don't plan to keep your birds, you won't need a loft of your own. On the other hand, if you plan to raise your own birds, you need somewhere for them to call home. Pigeon lofts need to have separate living areas for young, old and breeding birds. The loft should be clean, dry and have plenty of ventilation for the birds. It should also have lift-up or lift-off area so that the birds can get back inside when returning from the flight. Lofts can be as simple or elaborate as desired. Some pigeon fanciers spend a lot of money on their bird's lofts; others provide nothing more than the basics.

Racing Clock

A racing clock is needed to officially clock the time the bird returned home. There are manual and electronic versions available. The electronic versions are pricey but are the preferred method of timing today. The electronic method uses an RFID chip that records the time automatically without the need for a person to be involved.

Training Time

Training time is important to prepare birds for racing. Training involves taking the racing pigeons a distance away from their home and releasing them so that they must fly back home. The distance away from the loft is increased over time until the birds are able to find their way home from the same distance as the race.

Racing pigeons is not a new sport, however, technology and new one-loft races have added to the sport and kept it alive and growing. New racers need to find racing pigeons from a good breeder and learn what is necessary to have a winning bird. It is more involved than simply buying a bird and hoping it flies home.