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Plasma Cutter

A plasma cutter is a type of tool that is used to cut steel and other metals that are electrically conductive. Compressed gas and a high-voltage electrical arc come together to power these cutters. There are different sizes and types that can be used, depending on exactly what needs to be cut. You can find new as well as second-hand plasma cutters for sale in South Africa.

Arc Initiation

This refers to what stimulates the arc in between two electrodes. When computerised machines are used, this can cause incompatibility and interference. Look for a cutter with a contact arc for the greatest level of compatibility.


A bevel on this type of cutter affects how straight the edges will be. You undoubtedly want a plasma cutter with the ability to cut straight consistently. Read reviews when looking at new or used plasma cutters for sale in South Africa and try to test out the cutters if possible, because a straight edge is critical to effective cutting.

Kerf Width

Kerf width refers to the width of the notch or groove that the cutter makes. This characteristic will determine how fine the cutter is able to cut. Look for a torch with the ability to use a nozzle that has a small orifice.

Consumable Life and Cost

Parts of your plasma cutter will need to be replaced from time to time and this refers to how long such parts last. Look at the manufacturers' rating to get an idea of how long things are bound to last per the type of cutting you are doing.

Duty Cycle

Duty cycle refers to a machine's cycle of operation in regards to a machine that operates intermittently instead of continuously. This will not always be a factor, but you need to consider it, especially if you will be using your plasma cutter frequently.

Cutting Capacity

This affects max pierce-able thickness and cut speed. Look at the thickness ratings as well as the current outputs and compare the two together. This information can be found in the manufacturer information.

Understanding the basic technology associated with plasma cutters in South Africa will help you to choose the right one. When choosing one, you want to look at all of the primary factors and consider the job you need to get done.