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Perspex Sheets

Perspex was introduced in the early 1930s as an alternative to replacing glass based products. Since then, perspex has continued to evolve its form, featuring over fifteen individual products that serve specific purposes such as replacing glass doors and screens.


Perspex was developed in 1933 as an alternative for glass based constructions. Perspex sheets are actually acrylic sheets, or more commonly known as plexiglas and offered a cheaper alternative to glass sheets. The basic product of acrylic glass is stronger than glass but less resilient than polycarbonate, but when modified can create strong, lightweight, scratch resistant pieces. One of the most notable uses of perspex glass sheets was its usage in WWII. Both the Allied Forces and Axis Powers used acrylic sheets for their submarine periscopes, windows, and airplane gun turrets. The versatility and low cost production took the market by storm offering cheaper alternatives to making furnishings and automotive appliances. The introduction of perspex sheets allowed the construction for larger aquariums and was also included in the construction of aircraft for their windshields and windows. Newer vehicles also use perspex housings for the headlights and taillights. Perspex sheets have continued to expand in the glass industry creating specific sheets to handle an individuals needs or wants.

Types of Sheets

Perspex has a number of sheets for a consumer to choose from, some are made for marketability purposes, such as creating signs, and others are use for their strength and durability. The Perspex Clear Sheet is a transparent sheet that offers a higher resilient surface that is much stronger than glass. Perspex Impressions Sheets offer a variety of different colours and designs allowing a consumer to use a strong, safe glass substitute without losing style. Perspex Vario sheets allow light to flow through at different consistencies when viewed through different angles. Vario sheets have been successfully used for LED based displays.

Used Perspex Sheets

Second hand perspex sheets can be available when corporations or construction companies purchase larger quantities for their products. When product is left over businesses either store the rest, sell, or curb the unneeded equipment. Consumers can also find used Perspex sheets on older vehicles, buildings, or aquariums.

Perspex sheets revolutionised the world with its introduction in the 1930's, as it offered a cheaper alternative to its glass counterpart. Many inventions and advances in glass technology would not exist without the success the perspex variety.