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Alert Filters: Part-time & Weekend jobs in South Africa
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Part-time & Weekend jobs

You can find part-time and weekend jobs to help supplement your family's income or to give yourself some spending money. There are many part-time and weekend jobs that do not require a matric, such as a delivery driver. On the other hand, there are jobs that require a matric such as school tutors. Checking you local area for these jobs will help determine which ones you are qualified for that will work with your schedule. There are many different scenarios that make part-time and weekend jobs ideal. The pay for these jobs depends on the type of job and how many hours are worked each week.

Part-Time Jobs

Part-time jobs can be in almost any field, from professional work to store clerk. These are jobs that simply have shorter hours. Some employers create part-time positions in order to retain valuable employees who need to spend more time at home. Other part-time jobs are due to having shorter business hours and only needing someone for a few hours after the first full shift ends. These jobs are excellent for students who want to make money but are still in school, or stay-at-home parents who want a few hours out of the house.

Weekend Jobs

Some people prefer weekend jobs to part-time jobs through the week. Weekend jobs allow you to have a set schedule, but like the name implies, you work on the weekend. Some of these jobs can be quite lucrative if the majority of the business occurs on weekends. For example, people who work weekend sporting events or weekend bartending jobs tend to make much more money than people who work the same job during the week do. Some families have to utilise weekend jobs so that the spouse who is not working can baby-sit the children. This allows the family to have an extra income without paying a babysitter.

Part-time and weekend jobs are an important part of the work force. These jobs fill in the gap when one shift ends but a full shift is not available or when people simply refuse to work on weekends. The pay is often competitive and sometimes more if the work is weekend work only. Check your local area if you want to find part-time and weekend jobs that fit your skill level.