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Other Watercraft

People in South Africa enjoy many different types of boats. Therefore, before heading out on the water, it is essential to choose the type of boat that you will enjoy the most. From canoeing to rafting to kayaking to others each has its own style of boat. Of course, buying a second hand boat or other watercraft is a great way to enjoy the water.


Many people enjoy canoeing. Some people love to drift along in them while watching the many birds that live along the shores. Still others love to take their canoes on multi-day expeditions choosing to camp along the shores of rivers, dams, lakes and estuaries. When choosing a canoe, decide if a one-person or two-person canoe is right for you. Then, look for canoes from leading manufacturers including Mad River and Pope's Canoes.


Buyers need to think about their individual needs before buying a kayak in South Africa. If you love to kayak in any weather, then you might want a sit inside kayak as it will help protect you from the elements. Others prefer the sit-on-top kayak allowing you to easily jump off for a swim in the ocean. Decide if you want a solo kayak or a tandem kayak, and rather you want a polymer or composite kayak. Consider kayaks from Kaskazi Kayaks and Knysna Racing.

Inflatable Boats

If you are going whitewater rafting, then an inflatable boat may be the right solution for you. This is a great option if you enjoy the thrill of South African Inflatable Boating Association Racing. You can find inflatable boats from manufacturers including Infanta and Stingray Marine.

Barge Boats

Barge boats do not have a motor or paddles so when buying this type of flat bottom boat, remember that you will need another boat to tow it. These large flat boats are popular with party goers and some people even choose to live on them. When searching for barge boats in South Africa consider options by Liquid Lounge and Suntracker.

There are many types of boats used in South Africa including canoes, kayaks, inflatable boats, and barge boats and other watercraft. Therefore, before buying any boat consider what you like to do with the boat. Consider buying secondhand boats in South Africa so that you can enjoy your first boat sooner or expand the type of boats you own quickly.