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Other Pets

Dogs and cats are not the only animals that make good pets. Animals such as snakes, turtles, spiders, hamsters, chinchillas and others make wonderful pets if properly cared for. It is easy to adopt other pets in South Africa. All that is required is looking in the local classified ads.

Other Pets

Dogs and cats are not for everyone. It is quite natural for some people to want a pet that doesn't require as much care or attention as a feline or canine and not everyone has the space for one of these animals. There are several types of other pets that require less time, money, and space.


A popular choice for those with limited time and space are reptiles. Reptiles can include turtles, snakes, and lizards. Reptiles can easily be left alone for hours at a time while the owner is at work and after the initial expense of setting up the proper habitat for these pets, little money is needed to help them thrive


Arachnids like tarantulas are another good choice for owners with limited space and time. They require small enclosures and should rarely, if ever, be handled. Initial set up for arachnids can be expensive, but after that, only a minimal investment is required.


Fish are a good choice for people who like quiet pets and who travel a lot. The initial setup for these pets can be expensive but they only need to have their tank cleaned every week or two. They can be left alone for days at a time if an automatic feeder is used.

Small Mammals

Unlike the pets mentioned above, small mammals like rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and rats need daily interaction. They must be given fresh food and water daily and to remain properly socialised, must be handled on a regular basis.

Adopting other pets in South Africa may be easy, but deciding which one is right for you may be a little more challenging. There are many different options available and not all pets are right for everyone. If the thought of feeding a snake or tarantula live food like insects or mice doesn't sound appealing, fish or a small mammal may be a better option. Other types of pets can offer the same love and laughter as a dog or cat but in a smaller, easy-to-care for package.