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Namibia is a spectacular desert country of great beauty with the wildest coastlines in the world. The country might be sparsely populated but it has a plethora of culturally diverse and proud tribes. Namibia is also rich in wilderness, wildlife and diamonds.

Interesting Facts about Namibia

Did you know Namibia is referred to as 'the GEM of Africa'? It is a largely untapped, dazzlingly stunning hub of adventure. We have unearthed some of the most interesting facts about this African treasure, so hop on your rugged jeep and join us on this journey:

1. The total land mass of Namibia is equivalent to that of Germany and Spain combined.

2. After Mongolia, Namibia is the least densely populated country in the world. There are approximately over 2,2 million people living in Namibia, which is the same as Paris and about half the size of Alaska.

3. For the past twenty years, this country has produced a number of famous athletes. However, it was Frankie Fredericks who has brought Olympic medals home. The star won all of Namibia's 4 Olympic medals.

4. Namibia is home to the largest meteor (single piece) on earth, which weighs 66 tonnes.

5. Etosha National Park is considered one of the finest parks in Africa, both in terms of size and diversity of wildlife. This amazing park is home to the endangered, rarely found black rhino, Africa's tallest elephants, and about 91 other different species of mammals. The park is popular with photographers from all around the world particularly in the dry season.

6. Namibia has the oldest desert in the world, which is approximately 43 million years old.

7. There are about 2000 to 3000 cheetahs in Namibia, which is the largest figure globally.

8. With more than 1500 000 people, the Ovambo Tribe is the largest Namibian tribe

9. 80 per cent of Namibia is desert.

10. After the Grand Canyon, the Fish River Canyon is the second biggest canyon in the world. The Fish Canyon is 27 kilometres wide, 161 kilometres long and 550 metres deep. It was formed approximately 500 million years ago. Tourists prefer to hike the canyon between May and September, since they are cooler months. Caution is advised as there are no hotels on the way and the hike takes about 5 days.