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Metal Detector

Metal detecting is a fun and sometimes profitable hobby. Metal detectors come in a number of models and price ranges. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, secondhand metal detectors are an excellent choice. Some detect one type of metal such as gold or lead. Others detect a range of different metals and metal alloys. One can choose a model that meets their needs. Hunting for treasures with a used metal detector in South Africa can be a rewarding experience. The area is rich in history, and you never know what you will find.

Metal Detecting Basics

A metal detector emits an alternating magnetic field. Metal objects produce a magnetic field of their own. When the metal detector passes near another magnetic field, a sensor records the change in the field, which tells the unit to send out an audible signal. The operator hears the signal indicating the presence of metal. The larger and closer the metal target, the louder the signal will be

Metal Detecting Accessories

Aside from the metal detector, many choose to bring along a number of metal detecting accessories. These include non-metal scoops so that you can scoop up some dirt to see if you have the target. Some may purchase sifters for helping to find treasures. A pinpointer is a small metal detector with a smaller field used for narrowing down the position of small targets.

Another popular accessory is a set of earphones so that only the operator hears the signal. This is a nice accessory for the sake of those around who do not wish to be bothered by the noise. Some earphones amplify the sound so that weaker signals are heard more easily. One of the most important things to take along is extra batteries and something to put your finds in to take them home.

Metal detectors are used to find artefact and antiques, coins, and other objects. They are used for prospecting and as mining equipment to help find metal-rich pay dirt. They are also used in security to help detect the presence of weapons. All of these types of metal detectors work on the same principle. Most are easy to use, making this a fun hobby for people of all ages. Finding a used metal detector for sale in South Africa is the first find that you make on your journey to fun in the outdoors.