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Heavy Trucks & Machinery

Heavy trucks and machinery are divided into sub-categories based on their weight, purpose, or industry in which they're used. These classifications include excavation, forestry, transportation, earth moving and mining, and more. If you browse local listings for used trucks and machinery, you can find a variety of options and a price range from R95 000 to R600 000.


Single axles, tandems, triple axles, bed trucks, and haulers are all used for transportation purposes. Single axles use one drive axle on the rear, a tandem uses two, and a triple uses three. They are commonly used as dump trucks, tow trucks, and straight trucks. A bed truck is a specially-designed heavy equipment machine used in oil rig installations. Haulers, on the other hand, have multiple wheels. Flatbed trailer units are usually towed by a heavy tractor unit.


Heavy trucks and machinery included in the excavation category include trenchers used to lay pipes, cables for drainage, and dredgers to excavate underwater bottom sediments. There are also track hoes or excavators, which are used in the pipeline, forestry, and mining industries. Another option is the backhoe loader, which is often used in urban construction projects to dig smaller trenches and excavations.


Machines used in the forestry industry have wider and larger tyres to tread soft ground conditions with ease. Equipment used in this category include delimbers, feller bunchers, forwarders, harvesters, and skidders. Delimbers are used to clean the branches from felled trees. Harvesters are more versatile pieces of equipment, because they fell, delimb, and buck trees. After that, forwarders gather them. Lastly, skidders pull the cut trees out of the forest to a landing.

Earth Moving and Mining

Some of the most common heavy trucks and machinery are involved in earth moving and mining processes. This equipment includes bulldozers, articulated dump trucks, mass excavators, and scrapers. An articulated dump truck is used in rough terrain and fitted with a hinge between a dump box and a cab. Mass excavators are massive machines built to quickly load trucks, while scrapers are often used to dig, haul, and level out materials.

Heavy trucks and machinery are used to make difficult or heavy tasks easier, and you can find secondhand heavy trucks and machinery for any job. Although they are massive machines, a skilled and experienced operator can easily manoevre these giants. Thankfully, modern technology has fitted them with features to increase safety and comfort.