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Pietermaritzburg Jobs

Many Pietermaritzburg jobs will be related to the city's tourism attractions. The tourist attractions include natural attractions, large malls, casinos, art galleries and museum. The jobs will range from highly educated positions to low skill jobs. Two examples are museum education officers and line cooks.

Museum Education Officer

A matric Pietermaritzburg job would be a museum education officer. It is the job of the museum education officer to create programmes and events encouraging individuals to use the museum's resources. The education officer will assist in marketing the museum to new demographics. The programmes and events a museum education officer will create can include educational guest speakers, storytellers, workshops, family activities, scavenger hunts and more. This job will require workers who have management skills and who are creative, persuasive, analytical, and educated. The education officer may be required to serve as a representative of the museum at events to promote the museum. Candidates for this job must be effective communicators, because they will be expected to work with schools and colleges to create and promote education resources.

Line Cook

A line cook is an entry-level job for someone looking to enter the restaurant industry. The working conditions of the kitchen will be hot, and the workers are often injured on the job with burns or cuts. The line cook's duties include preparing their station before serving. This includes stocking their cooking station with enough dishes and ingredients. The line cook will also participate in food preparation, such as vegetable chopping. During business hours the line cook will prepare meals. After business hours, the line cook will be responsible for cleaning the area where he worked. Candidates for this job should be able to lift heavy objects, because a line cook will also be required to help unload trucks full of ingredients. A line cook is a no matric Pietermaritzburg job. However, gaining a formal culinary education can increase the workers pay. Line cooks with formal education usually advance to a higher position quicker as well.

The industries of the city allow Pietermaritzburg jobs to provide work to a diverse range of skills and educational backgrounds. A museum education officer will use a mix of marketing and educational lesson planning to complete his job. A line cook will need to be able to work well under pressure, lift heavy objects and prepare foods. Both jobs will require workers who are skilled and dedicated.