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A good quality horsebox is often more expensive than the horse you want to transport. Buying a used horsebox stretches your budget and allows you to buy the best quality available from a trusted manufacturer, such as Alu-Star, NUTTI, or Venter. When choosing this type of trailer, ensure that its weight is suitable for the towing vehicle. Before shopping, learn what to look for in a secondhand horsebox to get the best value for your money.

Rust and Corrosion

When viewing a used horsebox, check for signs of rust or corrosion in the metal parts. If the horsebox is painted, look for bubbles in the paint, especially in areas that may hold water. Ask the seller whether he or she had the trailer sandblasted before repainting it and whether the person ever had it rustproofed or treated. You can expect some surface rust, but you should think twice about buying if parts of the trailer appear to have heavy rust.

Leaks and Water Damage

Check the seals on the windows and the roof for leaks, focusing on signs of water damage and evidence of mould. Establish whether the roof is in good condition, taking into account the material used to construct it. If you would need to replace the roof in the near future, research the cost of repairs and factor those costs into your price negotiations.


Inspect the tyres for excessive or uneven wear and check the tyre tread. If the tyres show signs of cracking, excessive wear, age, or do not match, you may need to replace them. Ask the seller when he or she last replaced the tyres. Check the exterior of the trailer for signs of damage, such as dents and scratches, and establish whether the doors and latches work. Remember to include the ramp in the evaluation. Additionally, ensure that the axles and brakes are in good working order.

Horse Compartment

In the horse compartment, check the padding, dividers, and latches and measure the space available. Look for protruding screws, rivets, or other components that could injure the horse or horses. Inspect the floor for holes or signs of excessive wear.

A horsebox is an expensive piece of equipment, and buying a secondhand model is a sensible way to stretch your budget. Carefully check horseboxes for signs of damage and wear. Although you can expect some defects, it should not require expensive repairs.