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Gun Safe

Keeping your firearms safe from theft and unauthorised use is crucial for your safety and the safety of your family. In addition, you are legally required to store your firearms and ammunition in a gun safe that conforms to South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) standards 953-1 and 953-2, according to the Firearms Control Act and its subsequent legislation. Before buying a new or used gun safe, learn which safes comply with safety standards and know which features to look for to find the ideal safe for you.

Gun Safe Standards

When your firearms and ammunition are not under your direct control or under the control of an authorised person, you must store them in a gun safe. SABS standards divide suitable safes into two categories, namely Type A and Type B. Both categories include subcategories. Type A safes are more secure than type B safes, and gun collectors and dealers generally use them. Type B safes include B1 safes suitable for storing up to four handguns and their ammunition, B2 safes suitable for storing up to 10 firearms and their ammunition, and B3 safes for temporary storage.

The new or secondhand gun safe you choose must have at least one lock, which must be a key lock with at least six levers or a combination lock with at least three wheels. If the safe weighs less than 300 kilogrammes, you must bolt it to the wall or floor. The wall thickness of the floor, roof, and sides of a Type B safe must be at least 2,8 millimetres, and the door must be at least 6 millimetres thick. Numerous manufacturers, including Van's, SA Safe, Mutual Austen, Magnum, and Xpanda, make suitable products.

Choosing a Gun Safe

When choosing a gun safe, size matters. Choose a safe that is tall enough to accommodate rifles and has enough shelf space for handguns and ammunition. Additional shelves in the door or in the safe itself are handy for storing valuables. Ensure that the safe is SABS approved.

If you own firearms and ammunition, you must store them in a responsible manner. A new or used gun safe prevents theft and keeps these dangerous objects away from children and unauthorised users. Choose a safe that complies with legal and SABS standards and carries South African Police Service (SAPS) approval.