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Matric Rewrite In Gauteng

If your matrics did not go as well as you planned, and you suspect they are responsible for your lack of opportunities, then you can always consider rewriting them. Matric rewrites in Gauteng involve retaking your matrics to improve the scores so that you can get accepted to a university. The good news is that you can rewrite the subjects you struggled with, and not have to rewrite them all.


Check your local listings in Gauteng to find ads offering tutoring services for matric rewrites. Hiring a tutor is not a bad idea if you struggled understanding the material the first time. Tutoring gives you an opportunity to study with someone who is an expert in a specific subject. Be sure to check the individual or organisation's credentials to ensure you are getting someone knowledgeable in the area you need, and make sure their personality works with yours. When you are spending time with your tutor, you want to make sure you can work well with them.

Matric Rewrite Courses

Find courses specifically designed to help prepare you for your rewrites. These courses focus on past paper methodologies, problematic sections that you have scored low on and sections that carry high marks on the final paper. This rounded approach allows learners to work on the material they previously struggled with, as well as refreshes on the material that carries more weight on the final paper. Check your local listings to find what kind of specific course preparation is available to sign up.

Matric Rewrite

Once you have studied for the final paper, it is time to complete the rewrite. There are certified centres where you can register to sit for the rewrite. Those educational institutions where preparation courses are generally available offer the final rewrite at the end of the course. Each location has its own requirements about what to bring to the rewrite, so check with them before rewrite day so you are fully prepared.

Getting accepted to a university depends on how you did with your matrics. If your scores were too low, not only does that affect your acceptance but it can also impact your ability to get a decent paying job. Finishing your education is important to your overall career success, so if you did not do well the first time, then a matric rewrite in Gauteng is the solution you need to complete a higher score.