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Forklifts for Sale

The majority of forklifts for sale in South Africa feature diesel engines. Size and lifting capacity are important considerations when purchasing a forklift because of the dangers of overloading this type of machine. Forklifts each have a specified load restriction for maximum weights carried on the forks in a forward centre of gravity. Prices for used forklifts relate to lifting capacity and the overall condition of the machine. In a typical warehouse, forklifts have load capacities of between 1 and 5 tons.

Rear-Wheel Steering

When considering a forklift, buyers planning to operate in tight spaces should inspect the machine and confirm it has rear-wheel steering. Although not every buyer needs rear-wheel steering, it definitely increases manoeuvrability in tight situations. Before shopping for a forklift, buyers should know if they need this steering option.

Forklift Models

Also known as forklift trucks, lift trucks, or fork trucks, forklifts come in various designs based on different uses. Walkie stacker forklifts, rider lows, and towing tractors are all electrically powered and transport light loads. These forklifts use lead-acid batteries for power. Additional electric forklift styles include cushion tires, scissor lifts, order pickers, stackers, reach trucks, and pallet jacks.

More powerful forklifts use diesel engines and include a telescope handler. Others operate on kerosene, petrol, natural gas, butane, or propane. A fuel cell forklift runs for eight hours on a single tank of hydrogen.

Forklift Components

A typical counterbalance forklift features a truck frame with a counterweight attached to the rear to balance the truck when it carries a heavy load. It includes a cab for the operator, power source, tilt cylinders to engage a load, a mast that raises and lowers a load, and a load back rest to prevent the load from sliding backwards. A variety of additional attachments are available, including side shifters, carton clamps, multipurpose clamps, rotators, fork positioners, container handlers, and roll clamps.

Used forklifts for sale cost around R4 000, depending on the exact model and condition. By contrast, new forklifts with large lifting capacities can cost buyers upwards of R150 000. Before making a purchase, buyers should understand exactly what they need and the limits of the machines they purchase.