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Farm Vehicles and Equipment

There are many types of machinery needed for farming. No matter whether the farm is for crops or livestock, there is a piece of equipment or a vehicle for each job presented on a functioning farm.

Power and Traction

Vehicles like tractors fall into this category. A tractor is a farming vehicle that moves at a very low speed and provides high torque. The purpose of this vehicle is to haul a trailer or other machinery used in farming. These are typically used for tillage and towing.

A caterpillar tractor is also used for these types of projects on farms; however, the difference in these two is that caterpillar tractors use tank tread or continuous track, much like a military tank. The purpose of the track is to distribute the weight of the vehicle in a more even and balanced manner. This also eliminates problems, such as bad tyres and rough driving.

Soil Cultivation

A chisel plough is typically used for soil cultivation. These are used to turn the soil prior to sowing seed or planting crops. Chisel ploughs are a piece of equipment typically hauled by a tractor.

There is also a piece of equipment, known as a stone picker, that is made to remove rocks from the top layer of soil prior to planting. It does exactly what the name implies. It picks up rocks as the tractor pulls it through the fields. It normally digs to a sufficient depth to ensure a rock-free field. Using this equipment on the field will ensure that other pieces of equipment will not be damaged due to rocks found in the layers of soil.


A planter is another farm implement that is pulled behind a tractor. It is used to sow crops in a field. The equipment is connected using a draw-bar or a hitch. The planter will lay down seed as the tractor moves. There is a measurement setting on the planter to allow proper quantities of seed to be laid.

Buying used farm vehicles and equipment can save money for the farm. When purchasing the secondhand farm equipment, ensure that the tractor or equipment is in working condition. Allocate the price of repairs when purchasing the equipment to keep from prolonging the farming task.