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Farm Vehicles & Equipment in Durban

Aided by new technologies and specialised equipment, farms worldwide continue to grow in size and output. Farm vehicles and equipment serve many functions, and facilitate basic tasks and chores for farms of all sizes and specialties. Perhaps the best-known type of farm equipment is the tractor. However, the types of farming equipment available go far beyond just that one device. Farmers also use agricultural machinery to cultivate soil, plough fields, harvest, store milk and eggs, sort produce, and irrigate fields, among other tasks. Regardless of your farm's size and scope of production, you can find new and used farm vehicles and equipment in Durban to make farming-related tasks and chores easier and more efficient.


Telehandlers, or telescopic handlers, look and function much like forklifts and cranes. They serve many purposes in the agricultural and industrial sectors, including moving heavy objects from one location to the next, and reaching produce from tall trees. Telehandlers have large telescopic booms on their front ends, which extend like long arms. The booms move forward and upward from telehandlers, and have hooks for attaching buckets, winches, muck grabs, and pallet forks. Telehandlers are valuable devices for crop producers and dairy farmers alike. You can find new and used telehandlers in Durban from brands like Manitou to move and lift heavy objects on and around your property.

Cane Trailers

Cane trailers work in harmony with cane harvesters. Both pieces of equipment facilitate the process of harvesting and storing crops and produce, primarily sugarcane. Sugarcane harvesters first appeared in the 1920's. The inaugural harvesters had attached storage bins for bringing freshly-picked sugarcane back to the main farms. However, as farms worldwide grew in size and output, so too did the need for ancillary storage devices. Cane trailers proved to be the perfect solution. New and used cane trailers come in many sizes, and can hold large quantities of sugarcane.

Whether you have a small farm and need just a small device or two to facilitate simple tasks, or own a large farming operation and need assistance with multiple chores, having a good piece of farming equipment makes farming much easier. You can find new and used farm vehicles and equipment in Durban, such as telehandlers and cane trailers, to increase your farm's output and expedite basic chores.