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Around 1890, a tax collector bred the first Doberman for his own protection in Apolda, in the German state of Thuringia. The tax collector's job was also to run the local dog pound, and this allowed him easy access to numerous breeds. Therefore, no one is sure exactly what breeds the tax collector used to create the Doberman. Many people love the Doberman today, but before searching for this breed make sure to understand some important characteristics.

Physical Appearance

A full grown stud Doberman in South Africa should stand between 66 and 77 centimetres tall at the shoulder, while the bitch stands between 61 and 68 centimetres. The stud should weigh between 34 and 45 kilogrammes while the female should weigh between 27 and 41 kilogrammes. Two different genes determine the colouration of the Doberman. Therefore, they can have four different phenotypes: black, red, fawn and blue. Naturally, the Doberman has a long tail, but breeders often dock it shortly after birth. Breeders often crop the ears as well.


Breeders in South Africa have mellowed these dogs personality over the years. Despite this fact, they still are fiercely loyal, and some show aggression towards strangers. While there can be individual differences, most get along well with other dogs. This breed is extremely intelligent and very trainable. They love to protect their owners and do what their owners want them to do.


It is vital to consider the care of a Doberman before getting one. Expect the grown dog to eat between ,5 litres and 1,5 litres of high quality dog food each day, which the owner should divide between two feedings. The dog's short coat is easy to care for by grooming with a mitt or rubber curry on a weekly. This dog needs to be an inside dog as he wants to be a member of your family. Dobermans need a space that they can run at top speed. While the dog will love to go jogging with you, this is not enough exercise to keep it healthy.

Getting a Doberman in South Africa may be exactly the right choice for you and your family. Look for a young pup so that you can teach the dog and socialise the dog properly. You will have a friend that loves you as long as they live.