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Concrete Moulds

Garden decorations, such as statues, patio stones, edging stones and other concrete additions to the outdoor setting add charm and personality to any space. These additions can be expensive in many cases. Moreover, they may be heavy and difficult to move to the space. Used concrete moulds are often inexpensive and provide an easy way to finish your garden project easily. They are easy to use, and you can use them as many times as you like.

Types of Moulds

Secondhand concrete moulds come in many shapes and sizes. Paver moulds and edging moulds are a great way to have as many as you need for the project. Moulds are available for garden spheres, bannisters, benches, and statues of many types. If you have a large project, this option is excellent because you can make elements as you need them. That paver project can be finished one section at time. When using your own used concrete moulds, you can be creative by adding colourings or decorative elements to the mix.

Making Your Own Pavers

Making your own pavers is easy. All you need is the paver mould, water, and play sand. First, you will need to dig out the area down a few centimetres and level it. Next, mix the amount of play sand in all directions. Add enough water to create a plastic-like consistency. Spray the concrete mould with a releasing compound - which is usually available at hardware stores - and fill the moulds with the concrete. Allow to dry for approximately an hour or two and then remove the mould, letting them set up for at least 24 hours or the recommended time. They should not be walked upon until they have cured for at least one week. Be sure to cover them with plastic if rain occurs until they have completely cured.

When buying used concrete moulds, the main thing to verify is to confirm that all of the concrete has been removed from the last user. If there is some leftover concrete that has set and hardened on the mould, it could tear the mould when you try to remove it. In addition, make certain that the two halves fit together perfectly. Having your own set of concrete moulds provides hours of garden design fun.