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Today is the time of the technologically advanced. At the forefront of technology is where computers lie. Without a computer, whether a laptop computer, desktop computer, or supercomputer, life as it is known would be vastly different. When looking for a used computer for sale, there are several key areas to focus on.


The processor is the heart of a computer. It provides all of the working capability that allows a computer to do the tasks it is asked to do. Computers today generally come with more than one processor. Two processors, known as dual-core, is an industry standard, while quad-core is also common in commercial computers. Regardless if you choose one, two, or four cores, be sure that this balances against your computing needs. The greater number of overall tasks, or high-demand tasks, that you run, the more processor power you need.


The monitor shows you everything. Screen size is the first thing to consider. The larger the screen size, the more you can see at one time. A larger screen size is ideal for someone who works from a computer but less important for someone who simply browses the Web on his or her down time. Resolution is important as well. The higher the pixel quality, the clearer the images appear. For example, 1920x1080 results in a better picture than 1024x768. One should also pay attention to colour scales for a computer, as this affects the overall imagery as well.


RAM memory and hard drive memory both play important roles in your computer experience. Programs utilise the RAM memory to run processes. The greater the RAM memory, the quicker these processes can function individually, as well as simultaneously. The hard drive memory stores all of your important files. Documents, even large numbers of them, tend to take up little space, so a computer with 150 GB or less of memory may do. However, if someone stores a large quantity of video and music files, or high use software, then this storage may be inadequate. Hard drive memory should exceed your need.

These keynote items are good areas to look at when shopping for secondhand computers in South Africa. Keep in mind other features you may want as well. For example, if you want a media player, Blu-ray, or HDMI capable for connecting to external devices. When you know what you want ahead of time, the process is much easier.