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Chickens For Sale

While no one knows the exact history of chickens, writing about them traces back to about 3227 BC when Emperor Fu-Hs wrote about them in China. South Africans raise many different chickens. Therefore, it is important to decide which breed you would like to raise before looking for chickens for sale.

Soft Feather Breeds

South African farmers raise at least 40 breeds of soft feather chickens. Farmers developed these chickens for their meat and for their ability to lay eggs. Farmers have developed soft feather breeds in South Africa. The black and white barred Potchefstroom koekoek consistently produce eggs without a need for copious amounts of food. Therefore, farmers often use them in small age production operations. The mature male chicken weighs about 3,8 kilogrammes while the mature female weighs about 2,8 kilogrammes. The other soft feather indigenous breed is the Venda. Farmers love this soft feather breed for its easy ability to breed and its resistance to diseases.

Hard Feather Breeds

Mainly those who want to show their chickens raise these breeds, as their feathers fit tightly around the bodies. Many do not have many feathers and this makes it hard for them to keep eggs warm during incubation. There are at least 32 hard feather breeds raised in South Africa. One of the most popular hard feather breeds is the old English game birds available in over 30 different colours. These birds have very tight fitting feathers around their bodies with large tail plumage. When fully mature, cocks weigh about 2,1 kilogrammes, while hens weigh 1,6 kilogrammes. Another example of a hard feather breed is the Indian game bird. These white birds have black lacing throughout their bodies. This breed has an extremely large breast, which top chefs prefer.

True Bantam Breeds

While most soft feather and hard feather breeds have a bantam counterpart, true bantam breeds have no larger counterpart. These birds do extremely well when space is at a premium. There are at least 11 different breeds raised in South Africa. Bantams are show birds and often seen wandering around formal gardens where they are prized for their uniqueness and beauty. A popular example of a true bantam is the rosecomb that originally comes from Java. This breed lays small white eggs.

It is important to consider why you are looking for chickens for sale. The answer to that fundamental question ensures that you pick the right breed for you.