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Cars Under R20 000 Cars

Anyone who is looking to buy a car for less than 20 000 ZAR on Gumtree ZA will find a fair choice of vehicles. The vehicles available will tend to fall into one of two broad groups. In the first group will fall cars that are around 14 to 15 years old, perhaps older, depending on how much under 20 000 ZAR the car is being offered at. The second group of cars will be much newer but are likely to have been involved in accidents and to have suffered structural damage. This is a broad generalisation and there will be exceptions. Given the age of some of the vehicles, most won't come with a full set of documents, and service histories may be incomplete.


Volkswagens form a large per centage of cars that are under 20 000 ZAR, especially Golfs and Jettas. Cars in this price range that are models from the late 1990s are likely to have over 200 000 km on their clocks. Newer cars, of course, will probably have far fewer.


After Volkswagens, Opels are usually the next most common, and the majority are Corsas. Astras and Kadetts may also be found listed for sale from time to time. Again, they'll likely be from the late '90s and have a lot on the clock.

Mercedes Benz

Mercs are far less common, and the few that are on there will normally heavily used and abused. Some, of course, may have been involved in major accidents or be sold as parts only.

Other Makes

Typically, most models don't appear in this range, but occasionally, a gem may be found. Expect to see the odd Nissan or Toyota in this range, and you might even see a seriously beat-up Mazda or Ford.

One of the great things about looking for cars under 20 000 ZAR is that it is just possible that a real bargain may be picked up. It may need a bit of work, and it may not have all of its history immediately available, but it will be a bargain no less.

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