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There are plenty of new and used cars for sale in Eastern Cape listed online. These cars usually contain a dizzying array of features, and if a buyer isn't sure which model he or she wants, the selection can get overwhelming. Try to focus on the most important features when buying a car online to simplify the search process.

Automatic vs. Standard

Car transmissions come in two main types: automatic and standard. New and secondhand cars in Eastern Cape with standard transmission are cheaper than their automatic counterparts. However, the downside is that drivers have to shift the gears in the car using the gearbox and clutch pedal. Automatic transmission, on the other hand, is seamless and does not require the driver to shift gears while driving.

Gas Car vs Hybrid Car

For many years, cars only came with gas engines. Most used cars in Eastern Cape use gas engines. The downside with these models is their heavy reliance on gas, which means they usually have low gas efficiency. In recent years, many manufacturers including Honda, Toyota, and Ford cars started producing hybrid cars. A hybrid car uses both a gas and an electric engine. Because the car can switch between these two different power sources, the vehicle tends to have higher gas efficiency. The downside is that hybrid vehicles are more expensive than gas vehicles on average.

Digital Features

Modern cars also come with a wide selection of digital features on the dashboard. Whether the vehicle comes with MP3 connexions, a built-in GPS system, or a voice-controlled climate system, drivers have their pick of modern technology. It is best to select a few features that drivers cannot live without instead of trying to find a luxury car that has everything.


Finally, the size of a vehicle is important when it comes to driver and passenger comfort. A single person or young couple has no problem purchasing a two-door coupe. Families with young children or several children tend to go for larger four-door sedans or family-friendly vans. Those whose carry heavy cargo loads purchase large models such as V8 trucks or extended passenger vans.

Purchasing a car online involves narrowing down which features buyers want. There are plenty of vehicles for sale, but not all of them fit a buyer's needs. Decide which features are important before searching for a new car.