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Alert Filters: Carpool & Rideshare in South Africa
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Carpool and Rideshare

Carpooling or ridesharing is a convenient, flexible and environmentally friendly way of sharing a car with people to commute to a common destination. People, living in the same community or nearby and working in the same area, can easily share rides. If you are looking for carpool and rideshare in South Africa, it is best to look online at community classifieds that have area-wise sections to make your search easier. Some people might even rideshare for reasons other than going for work, such as heading to school, college, hobby class, to a business meeting in another city or on a vacation.

Benefits of Carpooling

Carpooling helps people reduce monthly travel expenses and saves on gas and car maintenance. Often people travel from long distances to work. For them, carpooling is the best way to decrease their commuting expenses. It helps in reducing stress and fatigue as riders will take turns in driving. If you are carpooling with people from your office, you will lower the demand for car parking and avoid paying double the parking fees. Car sharing is also environmentally friendly, it helps in the reduction of cars on the road leading to less traffic and less harmful gas released into the environment.

Tips for Successful Carpooling

There are a few carpooling etiquettes to keep in mind. Create a rotating driving plan, so that each person gets to drive instead of one person driving daily. When you are car pooling, avoid being late. If one person is late, all other people will be late for work. Avoid eating during your ride as you may spill something on others or mess up the car. While friendly small talk is okay, avoid talking too much to your fellow passengers as this may disrupt or irritate them.

Car pooling and ridesharing allows people to meet new people from the same community and form a bond. If you are looking for carpool and rideshare opportunities in South Africa, make sure that before joining, you share your personal preferences on things like smoking, drinking or eating during the ride and find out if other people have any objections.

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