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Bus For Sale

Whether you are planning for a long trip or setting up your own business, used buses have a variety of different uses. Finding a used bus for sale typically requires knowing what kind of bus you need for the task at hand. A bus for sale in South Africa will usually be classified by size and seating capacity, with each progressively larger size being useful for a different task. You can search Gumtree ZA for buses and get better results by using these specific bus sizes.


A minibus is the smallest size of bus you can purchase. Many of these buses are actually large vans that have been converted for seating more passengers. They are smaller and more manoeuvrable than regular buses, and the smaller models will oftentimes not require a special licence to drive. Depending on the size, you will be able to seat between eight and 30 people. Many people purchase minibuses in order to provide rental services or to regular transport members of their organisation to events.


Midibuses are the next step above the minibus. These are the types of buses typically seen in public transportation in smaller cities. They can hold upwards of forty people. They are not typically owned for personal use, but rather used in public transportation, tourism, and shuttle services. They are the preferred method of public transit in regions with long, winding roads that full size buses may not be able to handle.


The final category of buses available for sale are macrobuses. These are the large buses typically seen in major cities. They typically serve as forms of mass transit, able to hold large groups of people around a city or across long distances between cities. Some macrobuses have two levels of seating or two cabs connected by an adjoining compartment. Driving a macrobus will always require special training and certification.

Depending on what your purposes for buying a use bus are, you will want to choose a minibus, midibus, or macrobus. For personal use, you will want to skew low on the size scale, while larger transit businesses will want to skew large. You can find all of these sizes of buses for sale on Gumtree ZA.